Navigate beyond borders – and strict regulations!

Giveaway Merchant is not just a network – it's a game-changer for POS Agents!


Discover untapped Markets

Your passport to a larger userbase & offshore markets

Giveaway Merchant works as a gateway, enabling local and overseas customers to access Nigerian POS services

Why Giveaway Merchant?

We don't just connect agents – we craft success stories

Global Accessibility

Giveaway Merchant bridges the gap between nations, customers can connect from anywhere, whether at the Kiosk or across the world.

Extended Userbase

Gain access to a more extensive userbase. Expand your business far beyond your local area by connecting with offshore customers.

Greater Leeway

Navigating POS regulations can be challenging. We have engineered a system that ensures you are not limited by strict regulations & compliance requirements.

Zero Hardware

Our dynamic network works with all existing POS systems, eliminating the need for additional hardware and terminal.

Why Giveaway Merchant?

We don't just connect agents – we craft success stories

Seamless Integration:

Giveaway Merchant and API easily aligns with your existing POS terminals, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

Instant Settlement:

Your POS transactions are processed in real-time, providing you with immediate access to your funds without unnecessary delays.

Anti-fraud Measures:

Anti-fraud measures are built-into our system to identify and mitigate potential risks. This fraud prevention aligns with regulatory standards for financial security.

Robust Technology:

Our robust infrastructure ensures reliability even during peak transaction periods. Merchants can rely on us to conduct business without disruptions or downtime.

Getting started is easy – and FREE

It's time to upgrade your POS terminal with Giveaway App!

Here are the steps to create your Giveaway Merchant:

  • App Installation: Install Giveaway App via Google Store or Apple Store

  • User Registration: You can register with a mobile number or email address

  • OTP Verification: Confirm the OTP you received via email or mobile

  • Profile: Fill out appropriate fields with your first and last names

  • Identification: Fill-out your national ID card, passport, BVN etc.

  • POS Enrollment: Tap "POS Merchant" on dash to start merchant registration

  • KYC: Enter your KYC according to the available data

  • Approval: Our system instantly approves your merchant account

Count on our expertise for Growth

Try Giveaway App for your business

Consumer Behaviour:

Consumer preferences are evolving, and the demand for convenient payment options is on the rise.

Cashless Economy:

Giveaway POS Merchants contribute to cashless economy by offering their customers instant payment and seamless withdrawals.

Sales and Revenue:

Adapt your business to modern consumer preferences. Offering POS Merchant services to customers opens up new avenues for revenue growth.

Expert Assistance:

We do not stop with implementation; our team of dedicated experts is at your service 24/7. No matter where you are, we're here to provide you instant support.

A dedicated Giveaway App team at your Service

You will receive a superior customer care at Giveaway. Get faster transactions, fewer payment disputes, and better customer service.

Check out our help center to find out how to set up your merchant account, troubleshoot or need any help at all.

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