Family Account for Loved Ones


What is the Family Account?

How to Add Kids to Family Account?

  • Open Giveaway App on your smartphone

  • From the Dashboard, navigate to the Family Account

  • Select "Add Wallet" click on it to initiate the process

  • Enter your kid wallet number. Ensure the accuracy of the details

  • Set spending limits for your kids wallet

  • Double-check the information you provided

  • Confirm the addition of your kid to the Family Account

Key Features & Benefits

Money Management

Manage your family's finances with a centralized platform that lets you see and manage all transactions, and expenses.

Shared Budget, Shared Goals

Together, you can achieve your financial goals faster and more efficiently. Allocate budgets, set savings targets, and achieve milestones as a team.

Family Budgeting

The days of juggling multiple bank accounts and spreadsheets are long gone. With our Family Account, you can manage household expenses more easily

Real-time Notifications

Real time alerts and notifications ensure everyone is updated on payment transactions.

Smart Spending

With controlled access to their accounts, you can teach your family and children the value of money. Make sure their spending is monitored responsibly with limit sets.

Expense Tracking

Keeping track of expenses is easy with our Family Account. It's easy to track funds' usage with categorized receipts and transactions.

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